Top Ten Most Wanted Transformers Toys

Posted: April 17, 2012 in G1, Uncategorized, Universe/Classics/Generations
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Since I am a G1 fan, the obvious toys I would like to collect are G1 characters.  So I am going to cheat a little and say first off that above all, I would like to be able to collect first the original two groups of Autobots and Decepticons that crashed in the Ark, then the rest of the characters in the show as they appeared.  The Classics, Universe and Generations lines have come a long way toward that goal, assisted by the Reveal the Shield line and a lot of help from third parties.  But there are still a lot of gaps.  Some of those gaps can be filled with G1 original, reissue or encore toys.  Omega Supreme is a good example.  While it might be fun to see an updated G1 version of him, the old one still looks good with the newer toys.  Most of the Autobot vehicles don’t look right next to their newer versions.  But many of the others are ok.  I still like the original Rumble and Frenzy.  And with the add-on sets from CrazyDevy, the robot modes look better and they can have their pile drivers.  Articulation is an issue for many of the good looking originals.  An example is Blaster.  he has very little articulation, but he looks fine just standing there.  So some characters may not make the list because the G1 toy is adequate.  There are also several non-G1 characters I would like to see made into toys.  After making my list, I realize that I have twelve.  So here are my top twelve most wanted Transformer toys:

12:  Pre-war characters such as Orin Pax.

11:  Arcee and other female Transformers.  While we have a third party version that is very cartoon accurate, and a third party add-on kit that changed Animated Arcee to G1 Arcee, neither really fit with the new versions of the G1 characters.  I would like to see how Hasbro would make a G1 Arcee and Elita One.

Update: There are several third party female Transformer homages, but they are very expensive and I don’t like how they look enough to justify getting them.

10:  Tripticon.

9:  Twin Twist and Top Spin.  This would round out my Wreckers.  Either Earth or Cybertron modes would be good.

Update:  Oddly enough, these guys just came out as Spiderman toys, complete with their original gimmick.

8:  Animated Omega Supreme:  This would be awesome.  Nuff said.

7:  Dinobots.  We do have an ok Classics Grimlock, but I would like the others and I would also like a chunkier Grimlock.  His dinosaur mode looks more like a velociraptor than a tyrannosaurus.  Voyager size or bigger please.  Dinosaurs are big.

6:  Metroplex.  The G1 version is ok as an Autobot city, but it would be nice to have an updated version.  Especially if it had a real space ship mode.  By real, I mean not half a transformation, but an actual triple changer complete with space ship parts.  This would also be a good way for Hasbro to sell its Legends class toys.  They would look great next to a large Metroplex.

5:  Mini Vehicles.  This is a cheat because there are several characters in this category.  They have done a few in deluxe size, like Warpath and Bumblebee and a few in legends size like Beachcomber and Brawn.  But I would like to see more.  A few third parties are making them, but they are expensive.  Although, third parties exist because Hasbro won’t step up and make the toys fans want.  I am ok with the Seaspray from Reveal the Shield, even though it is technically a movie toy, it looks enough like a G1 homage for me.  What really bugs me is that Cosmos was released, but is impossible to get because he was so limited.  And Windcharger has been released as a Scout class, but is also limited so is selling for way more than he should.

4:  Shockwave.

Update:  I just got the new Generations Shockwave from the upcoming video game and I like it very much.  It makes much more sense than a flying gun, even if it is a futuristic flying gun.  It is a little small, being a deluxe class, but I guess you can’t have everything.

3:  Trailbraker/Hoist:  These are almost the same mold and I think they are the last basic cars to not be remade.  So I am guessing we will see these guys eventually.

2.  Blitzwing.  The other two Deceptican triple changers have been done in deluxe size, even though both should be bigger.  I hope a really good Blitzwing comes out in Voyager size.

1.  Good Combiners.  I don’t know if this is possible for Hasbro.  They can rerelease G1 combiners (Seacons), and they can make really bad new combiners (Walmart Exclusive Contructicons), but good new combiners just don’t seem to be possible.  The recent Arialbots and Combaticons were upgraded from horrible to Awesome by Fansproject.  They had to make two entirely new members to make the Combaticons, but they ended up with an amazing Bruticus.  I have a long rant on the Constructicons and all their third party versions and the recent encore edition and add-on sets.  See a recent post for that, but for right now, I would like a reasonably priced good set of Constructicons, and of course, all the others, especially the Stunticons, Protectobots and Technobots.  I have to note here that Hasbro just made some of these in their Power Core Combiner line.  These look like fun toys, but for me they do not fit in any Transformers line or continuity.  If they had a cartoon to help advertize them or were worked into some other kind of media, they might have sold better.  But they are not really Transformers characters, so they don’t count.  Hasbro has had a hard time making any combiners with true robot, alternate and appendage modes.  So maybe in the future.  Maybe the Constructicins will show up on Transformers Prime…

Update:  I can’t wait to get the new Combatacons from The Fall of Cybertron game.  Maybe Hasbro can do something right…



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