Fansproject WB-003 Assaulter (not Broadside)

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Third Party, Universe/Classics/Generations, Wreckers
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Fansprojects Assaulter is Broadside as seen in IDWs Transformers comics.  In the pictures of the toy the head is a bit washed out as it is white like the background.  This is the best one of his head.  I do not remember seeing Broadsides other modes in the comics, but the robot mode is pretty close.  There are some differences, but they look to be changes required to make an actual transforming toy.  This toys best mode is the robot mode, but the space cruiser is pretty cool also.  Broadside is one of those ridiculous Transformers, like Megatron himself, that don’t make a lot of sense in regards to scale.  His robot mode is large, but can still fit into spacecraft along with the other Autobots.  His jet mode may be about the same size.  But then there is his aircraft carrier mode.  Presumably, it is big enough to accommodate many aircraft the size of his jet mode.  Like the Megatron pistol, there is no way the alt modes make sense without a lot of size change.  The toys made sense from a toy manufacturers perspective, but from a fans perspective, trying to fit these guys into a somewhat realistic story is difficult.  This problem has long been ignored, but recently IDW decided to tackle it.  When Megatron first transforms into his pistol mode to be used by a human in the IDW continuity, it is explained that he used mass displacement technology.  A technology that requires massive amounts of energy and has been rarely used, never in recent (for Cybertronians) memory.  So to explain Broadsides change from a tall robot to a massive space cruiser in the comic that came with Assaulter, Fansproject used basically the same explanation.


I think including at least a vague explanation for size changing is a good idea.  Another good idea is that Broadside can interact with the other Transformers inside his cruiser mode with a hologram of him in robot mode.


On to the actual toy.  We will start with the packaging.  As with Defender (not Springer) and Steel Core, he comes in a very nice box, protected with a plastic shell.  In the box are the instructions/comic, the robot and two guns.  The guns are integral to Broadsides two alt modes.



Broadsides space cruiser mode is a nod to the original aircraft carrier.  It also makes a lot more sense for any storyline, as Broadside can carry the Wreckers around from planet to planet, if need be.  The cruiser is shaped somewhat like the SDF-1 from Robotech or Macross.  This may be on purpose, but I think it was probably the simplest way to design the space cruiser.  And since this is a triple changer, anything to make things easier is good.


The next mode is the jet mode.  I think it is somewhat based of an F-22 Raptor.  Or at least some of its styling is.  But overall, it is just a big, chunky airplane.  Being a triple changer, some mode is probably going to suffer, and this is it.  There are several distinct airplane parts, and there is a much more complex transformation involved, than between the robot and cruiser modes.  But it is very difficult to make a transforming toy with an airplane mode, much less another mode.  I look at this mode more like a space fighter mode that has atmospheric capabilities and can be pilot driven.  Anyway, here it is…

2012-12-15_15-07-06_9342012-12-15_15-07-15_24There is one attachment point I can not get to secure properly.  It is the one that holds the shoulders together in this mode.  You can see a small gap at the back of the jet when looking from the top or bottom.  The rest is tight enough that the jet holds together well without these parts being secured.


It has landing gear.  The rear gear are ok, but the forward landing gear is made from the bridge deck of the cruiser and looks a little strange.  Also, the rear gear has wheels but the forward gear, while shaped like wheels, does not turn.

2012-12-15_15-08-40_7372012-12-15_15-08-29_5242012-12-15_15-09-43_931Broadsides robot mode is big.  He stands several inches taller than Fansprojects other Warbots.  His legs have dicast in them, so he is bottom heavy as he stands.  This helps him stand upright.  He has the basic coloration and features of his G1 incarnation, but I will be anxious to see the reprolabels set for him when it comes out.  He could use a little more detailing.

2012-12-15_14-53-04_876His two guns can be held or attached to his forearms.  They have two modes: gun and energy axe.  The axes look ok, and I like the nod to G1 Broadsides axe, but I like the gun mode better.

2012-12-15_14-52-42_9122012-12-15_14-50-45_2382012-12-15_14-50-13_3402012-12-15_14-55-39_7872012-12-15_14-51-44_340There is another robot mode.  Similar to Transformers Animated Shockwave, the robot mode can change to present a different looking robot.  I don’t know if this mode has any relation to the IDW continuity, and it has not come up in Fansprojects comics, but it is kind of cool.

2012-12-15_14-56-27_2152012-12-15_14-56-20_2922012-12-15_14-56-11_960Broadside also came with a small tree of little vehicle mode Transformers that are sized appropriately for his space cruiser mode.  I got my Assaulter from BBTS, so this part was added outside the box, but I understand that if you get Aussaulter from Fansproject Core, the tree will be inside the box.  Either way, I was very happy to see it.  I have several pictures of it and some speculation about the vehicles on it in an earlier post.


Overall, Broadside is a very nice toy and a good addition to the Wreckers.  His size adds to the interest of a shelf display.  I would recommend getting him if you are a fan of the Wreckers, or triple changers.

Space Cruiser mode: 8

Jet mode: 6

Robot mode: 9

Posability: 7

Playability: 7

Durability: 7

True to Comic: 9

Overall: 8



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